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5 Tips to Healthier Blue Oat Grass

by Jessica B.
Blue oat grass is a nice little accent plant you can use in your rock garden or on the edges of your garden. It is a relatively tolerant perennial, and it  can grow quite tall, but if conditions are too warm or dry they might not reach maximum height. Here are a few things you can do to keep

How to Grow Celery

by Jessica B.
Celery is a commonly used veggie, but it can be very difficult to grow, mostly because its growing season is so long. If you live in a region where there is a lot of temperature fluctuation, you may find you have trouble growing happy, healthy celery. But don’t give up hope. Here are a few tips to increase the

How to Garden With a Short Growing Period

by Jessica B.
Gardening in the Northern Rockies is particularly challenging because the growing period is so short. But despite the shifting temperatures, you can still have gardening success. To maximize the short period, you need to plan accordingly. Here are a few tips for planning how to get the most out of your short growing period and high altitude.

1) Choose wisely

Garden Gotta Have: Harvest Guard

by Jessica B.
We love our plant cover protection when we get our seeds into the ground. It is a great way to protect against frost and from birds eager to eat our seeds. But this summer we have also repurposed it by hanging it from our own lean-to and using it as a thin shade protection. While most of the light
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