How To Grow African Violets Indoors

by Anna P. November 19th, 2015
African violets are exotic blooms that originate from Kenya and Tanzania. Unlike similar flowers, these thrive best indoors because of super cold temperatures. These perennials also come in a wide variety of colors including pink, red, blue, and multicolor. Although these blooms look delicate
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Cover Crops for Your Organic Garden

by Kimberly Hays November 12th, 2015
Cover crops are ground covers that you plant in the fall that will regulate the nitrogen in the soil during the winter, and it will leave you with healthier soil in the spring when it is time to plant your summer garden. They also feed the soil important nutrients that will also help the garden along in spring. You will till the cover crops into the ground when the weather breaks, once turned into the soil they will continue
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Before the First Frost

by Jessica B. November 5th, 2015
If you are living in the Northeast region, there are a lot of things you might consider taking care of before the first frost rolls in. By getting these little gardening tasks completed, you will make spring gardening much easier!

1) Get those bulbs in the ground – This is the last chance for you to plant any tulips or other bulbs you want to enjoy in the spring. It is also the last chance for you to separate or
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  • Growing Organic Tomatoes Indoors in Winter

    by Kimberly Hays October 29th, 2015
    Nothing is worse than those pale, tasteless tomatoes that are in the grocery stores in the winter. They may look like a tomato, but they sure don’t have the flavor of fresh garden tomatoes we have in abundance in summer. Those awful tomatoes are shipped green long before they reach the grocery stores, and then they are gassed with ethylene to finish ripening them. There really isn't much you
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  • Yellow Jasmine

    by T Akery October 22nd, 2015
    Yellow jasmine goes by many names including its scientific one, Gelsemium sempervirens. It is a tropical flower that you will find in the Southeastern United States and in South America. While its flowers are beautiful bright yellow, this is one flower that you want to plant sparingly in your garden.

    Yellow jasmine flowers are toxic to honey bees. Thus, it is not a good idea to have more than one
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  • Planting Root Vegetables in Fall

    by Kimberly Hays October 15th, 2015
    Although in some areas the summer gardens are still producing peppers and tomatoes, but as soon as a frost hits they will die. You can be sure to have fresh organic vegetables after the first frost by planting root vegetables now. Root vegetables are easy to grow, and will give you fresh, healthy foods for your winter soups and casseroles. Look through these choices, and then plant several in
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