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Grow Your Own Blackberries

by Jessica B. October 22nd, 2014 Edible Gardening, Fruits
I was always a bit hesitant to grow my own blackberries because, I have to admit, they have never been my favorite. But we have a lot of wild blackberries in our neighborhood and a few afternoons spent picking them with my kids I have learned that they LOVE them. So we decided to add a few blackberry bushes in our backyard this year. Blackberry bushes are incredibly rewarding, but they can also grow seriously out of control, so make sure that you have the space to keep them and a way to keep them from taking over too
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The Well-Tended Perennial Garden

by Jessica B. October 17th, 2014 While every gardener might dream of having a well-tended perennial garden, this is a Garden Gotta Read! This book is a great tool for designing a garden that is self-sustaining and rewarding. I’ve been enjoying this book all September and it is full of great ideas for beginner and advanced gardeners. If you have ever looked for a manual for a great, easy to care for garden, this is it. I prefer it to doing all of my research on the Internet because I can thumb through it while
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Preparing Your Yard for Winter in the Rockies

by Kimberly Hays October 21st, 2014 Gardening Notes, North Central/Rockies/Pacific Northwest
Gardening-Notes Now is the time to get your yard prepared for winter so that you have a nice lush lawn and garden when spring arrives. It will soon be snowing, so you need to get these final preparations done now. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work, but it is necessary.

Leaves – Instead of taking the time to rake and bag leaves, simply mow them over with a lawnmower. They will become mulch and will decompose over the winter months. You can also run the lawnmower over a small pile of leaves to spread over your vegetable and flower
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Repairing Bald Spots

by T Akery October 16th, 2014 Lawn & Yard Care
Seasonal-Lawn Bald spots in your yard can happen for a number of reasons. It is important to determine the cause of the bald spot because you will have to treat the area prior to laying down grass seed. Otherwise, the grass won't grow in that area.

Pests are the number one
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Container Garden Potatoes

by Ronald A. Rowe October 15th, 2014 Edible Gardening, Vegetables
Edible-Gardening Potatoes are not a vegetable that most people would generally think of for a container garden.  Maybe it is a bias against underground plants, maybe it is just a lack of know-how but most container gardeners seem to consider the potato to be outside the realm of possibility for their patio.  The truth is, you can grow delicious, healthy potatoes in a small space if you know how to do it.

The journey to having fresh, home-grown potatoes on your dinner table starts with the last store bought potatoes you’ll ever need to buy.  Before you plant those “seed tubers” (potatoes with eyes that will produce new potato plants) you need to let those eyes develop a bit first.  Set your seed tubers so that the end with the most eyes is facing up in a warm place and let them be for a few days.  Repurposed egg cartons make
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