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Ginkgo Trees

by Ronald A. Rowe
The Ginkgo tree is a distinctive ornamental tree that will stand out for its unusual shape and bright yellow leaves.  Also known as Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo biloba and sometimes spelled “Gingko” (which is closer to the way the word is pronounced in English), the Gingko tree is putatively one of the oldest existing species of tree still in

1 Golden Rule of Herb Gardens

by Ronald A. Rowe
Most herbs are relatively easy to grow.  Compared to your average houseplant or garden vegetable, caring for herbs is a breeze.  But that isn’t to say that a healthy, happy herb garden is a slam dunk that requires nothing more than throwing out a few seeds and then waiting to reap a bountiful harvest of fragrant and tasty herbs. 

Growing Chili Peppers in the Southern Interior

by Jessica B.
One of my all time favorite veggies is the chili pepper and it happens to thrive in the southern interior. There are so many different chili peppers to choose from, offering different degrees of heat and flavor, so even if you don’t live spicy food, don’t forego the chili pepper. Here are some tips on how to grow top

Introducing the Organic Seed Alliance

by Ronald A. Rowe
The Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the ethical development and stewardship of organic seeds.  The group strives to continually improve the availability, quality, and integrity of organic seeds.  OSA pursues these goals through three primary avenues: research, education, and advocacy.

OSA has been around for a little over a decade.  After a fire unfortunately destroyed