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The Top Ways to Improve Your Garden Security

by Editorial Team
Insecure gardens are a great gateway for thieves, and if you’d like to keep your home as safe and secure as possible, it’s important that you pay attention to your garden security. If your garden is easily accessible, dark at night, and has loads of handy hiding places for potential burglars, you will find that your home is much

Growing Water Lilies

by T Akery
Water lilies are a great flower to accompany gardens that have ponds or clear pools of water. They help with algae growth and provide shade. These delicate flowers are a good way to bring in some color to your pond.

They come in a variety of colors. While white is still the most well-known, they also

Fall: What to do in Your Organic Garden

by R. Carnavale
As the days become shorter and colder, your organic garden will need the same TLC that you gave it all spring and summer. Think of autumn as your gardening season's finale and a wonderful time to lay the groundwork for a sensational garden next spring. In addition to harvesting and enjoying the last of this season's plants, you can

Caring for Avocado Trees Organically

by Cricket Webber
Most people aren't sure what to call an avocado. Is it a vegetable? How the heck do you get to the good stuff, anyway? Actually, it's a fruit, and avocados are full of nutritional benefits. Some gardeners don't realize how easy it is to care for an avocado tree, especially when you use organic methods, so they balk at
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