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Garden Gotta Haves – Tomato Cages

by Jessica B. April 18th, 2014 Garden Gotta Haves
We grow tomatoes and peas every year in our vegetable garden, and every year we have the same issue, finding a good, sturdy support for our tall plants. In the past we have used sticks we found in the forest, poles we bought at the gardening store, and even leaned the plants against a fence. But the greatest success we have had thus far is with tomato cages. These sturdy metal contraptions survived one season and we will be reusing them this season. They were the most expensive of the different things we have tried so far, but the
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flower container (400x400)

Creative Containers

by Jessica B. April 4th, 2014 Garden Gotta Haves Do you have some old items you were planning on throwing away that you could reuse as a container? The strangest things could make great holders for your spring flowers. This spring we are using an old baby shoe, an old rusty watering can, an old colander and an old basket to house some pansies, marigolds and other cute flowers. These kinds of containers are not always great for food, as it is hard to know what they are made of and what can seep into the soil, but they can really add a nice touch to any garden!
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Hop Into Spring Yard Decor

by T Akery April 17th, 2014 Yard Decor
chicks (400x400)Spring is in the air and your yard is about to explode. You can ramp up the cuteness factor with these decorative items. While some of them are pests in real life, they are a source of spring and cuteness in the yard. So, having cut out versions won't hurt your yard. But it will make it look pretty.


Bunnies are indicative of springtime and Easter. These little guys can hide all over your garden and peek out of bushes. You can cluster them together to make a cute bunny family. You can also use them to supplement other animals
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Where Should You Build a Shed?

by Editorial Team April 17th, 2014 Special Interest Section
shedIf your garden is without a shed, but you’re beginning to need one with all the gardening equipment you’re racking up, there are a few things you need to consider before you begin the process of getting – or building – a new shed.

Where’s Your Property Line?

If you build
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Lilies for All

by Ronald A. Rowe April 16th, 2014 Flowers
red lily (400x400)There is a lot for a gardener to like about lilies. They grow beautiful flowers that come in an array of colors. They stand tall, giving your garden a nice tiered look. Lilies smell every bit as good as they look. They do well in-ground or in containers. And, with a little pre-planning, you can have them in bloom from early Spring until late Autumn.

Lilies range in height anywhere from 12 inches to an astounding eight feet. The smaller lilies, generally the Asiatic variety, are beautiful and easier to manage but they lack the fragrance of the larger varieties. If you want lilies larger than about 2 feet tall, look for Oriental or Oriental-hybrids. These types of lilies can grow as high as 8 feet and give off a sweet and powerful aroma. The pleasing smell grows even more intense after the sun goes down. As an added bonus,
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