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Winter Veggies on the Gulf Coast

by Jessica B.
If you live along the Gulf Coast, you can still enjoy freshly grown veggies in your garden while those of us who live up north have to make do with waiting for onions and garlic to grow. While not all vegetables will thrive in these chillier months in the region, you still can enjoy some nice fresh vegetables in

Organic Weeding Tips

by Ronald A. Rowe
Organic gardening has many benefits, but it does come with its own set of challenges.  More accurately, organic gardeners face many of the same challenges as any other gardener, but some challenges are more difficult for the organic practitioners compared to their chemical-using counterparts.  One such obstacle is the dreaded weed.  Weeds invade every garden at some point, but

Picturesque Perennial Grasses

by Jessica B.
If you are looking to add a few decorative plants to your garden that don’t require much work or upkeep, perennial grasses can be a nice touch. They tend to add a dash of color and texture to most gardens, and while they aren’t always known for beautiful blossoms, they can offset your other plants quite well. Be cautious

Get Your Garlic In The Ground

by Jessica B.
If you have ever considered growing your own garlic, now is the time to do it. If you haven’t experienced your first frost, try to get your garlic in beforehand, but if things are getting cold you may still stand a chance. Garlic is one of the few edible vegetables (yes, garlic IS a vegetable) that you can consider planting