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Grow Your Own Watermelon

by Jessica B. July 30th, 2014 Edible Gardening, Fruits
I admit that I have never lived in an environment that was ideal for growing watermelon. I have tried, nonetheless, to grow my own small watermelon, but have not given larger types a try because I don’t have a large enough space to grow them in a protected environment. But if you live in a warmer climate, watermelon is a great and easy fruit to grow and require very little work. Here are some things to consider:

Seeds or seedlings? If you are going to plant watermelon, you need to make sure that the temperature will remain above 70 degrees
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Cleaning Up in Really Tight Spaces

by Charles Wangersky July 25th, 2014 Lee Valley Tools is one of those stores that is dangerous to walk into; there is so much in there that you need, that it is rare indeed to walk out with your credit cards not screaming in pain. One of those very useful tools was a handheld rake, simply a short plastic handle and rake tines. They don't carry that any more, but they do have its slightly larger and much more durable cousin, pictured. This is incredibly useful for raking up fallen leaves around your plants, especially
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High Altitude Gardening in the Rockies

by Kimberly Hays July 29th, 2014 Gardening Notes, North Central/Rockies/Pacific Northwest
Gardening-Notes Gardening may seem like an impossible task in the Rocky Mountains high altitudes because of all of the dips in the terrain where some areas are completely shaded and trees don’t even grow there. It is possible, however, if you plant the right plants and trees in the right spot. You will just have to scope out Mother Nature to see where the best spots are for particular vegetables and trees to thrive.

Choosing an Area - In scoping out the terrain, take note of where the slopes are and when the sun hits them. In general, slopes that face
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Summer Bug Control for Yards

by T Akery July 24th, 2014 Lawn & Yard Care
Seasonal-Lawn Summer is the height of bug season. During summer, the bugs like to come out and play. Your yard is also a feast for them. So, to prevent damage and to maximize the time you can spend outdoors, you need to consider making sure that you control the bugs
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Growing Peas That Please

by Ronald A. Rowe July 23rd, 2014 Edible Gardening, Vegetables
Edible-Gardening Peas hold a position of high esteem in the vegetable world.  They may not be everyone’s favorite, but they’re generally not anyone’s least favorite, either.  Just about everybody, even avowed “meat and potato” types, likes peas well enough, at least as far as vegetables go.

The good news does not stop there.  Not only are peas a welcome addition to most meals, but they are also relatively easy to grow in your own garden.  Peas are hearty survivors.  They can survive the occasional late frost and do just fine in the cooler weather of early spring.  In fact, the younger plans seem to thrive on that cold start and my grandmother swore that was the secret to especially sweet peas.

Peas are also resistant to pests.  Some varieties are more pest-resistant than others but all in all pea plants are one of least pest-prone of all the garden vegetables.  Aphids –
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