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How to Plant Ornamental Perennials in Winter

by Jessica B.
If you are looking for some decorative perennials you want to put into the ground now, your list may not be that long, but there are some great options that will really make your garden shine. Here are a few that you can plant now and expect big things of in early spring or a bit down the line

5 Easy Edible Veggies for Your Winter Greenhouse

by Jessica B.
If you love to grow your own edible veggies year round, then a greenhouse is an easy solution. You don’t need to invest in anything fancy; you can even use one with a plastic cover. Here are some simple edible veggies that should do fine in colder climates all winter long.

1) Peas – If you like peas, you can

5 Steps to Repair Your Stepped Garden in Winter

by Jessica B.
If you live in the Rockies, this is not the ideal time for gardening. But if you have a terraced garden you can use this time to help fix up your terraces and make sure that any stairs you have in your garden are not deteriorating too much. As long as the ground is not covered in snow, you

Pavers – Garden Gotta Haves

by Jessica B.
Every year I decide that investing in pavers is not really worth it, and I can make do with what I have, and every year I regret my decision. Having a set of pavers is a great way to make your gardening much easier. You can use pavers to design your garden and separate sections, and they also have