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Growing Ornamental Orchids Indoors

by Jessica B.
I’ve always loved orchids, but have always been a bit intimidated by them. They are beautiful, but delicate flowers and do require some special care. I’ve now owned a few orchids, with mixed results. The ones I’ve managed to take good care of have beautiful blossoms, but I’ve lost a few along the way. Here’s what I have learned

How to Build a Grapevine Fence

by Jessica B.
When we met with our local gardening club, we learned that many of our neighbors were starting to grow their own grapes last year. While we have an ideal climate for growing grapes, we didn’t really have the space to grow climbing plants that need a lot of support. So when our gardening group organized a class on how

Transform a Garden Shed Into a Comfortable Outdoor Room

by Editorial Team
If you're bored with your typical garden shed, why not transform it into a comfortable outdoor room that you can use for everything from relaxing or reading a book, to meditating or working? It's easier than you think, as long as you know what steps to take. The tips below should help you get started.

Step 1: Clean It Out

5 Vegetables to Harvest Now In The Midwest

by Jessica B.
It’s May, and that means it is time to harvest some of those delicious vegetables you got in the ground early this season. Here are also some great ideas as to what you can use these great veggies with. Make sure you can use them ASAP, because if you let them sit for too long they will rot and