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Fig Trees for Your Garden

by Ronald A. Rowe
In a recent article about container gardening, we featured the fig as one of the best fruits to grow in containers.  And in the northern US and other cold climates, that is the way to go with a fig tree.  These Mediterranean imports do not do well in-ground where the temperatures dip below 10 degrees for any length of

How to Start Your Garden Indoors In New England

by Jessica B.
Spring is in the air, but still a few weeks away. So it is time to start planting seeds indoors for replanting when the soil defrosts. Here are some things you need to think about as you prepare our indoor garden so that everything is ready to go when spring rolls around.

1) Prepare your seeds in wet paper towels

Indoor Winter Garden

by Meghan Kelly
Your green thumbs may be itching for spring, but most places are still separated from planting season by several months—and several feet of snow. The indoor time does not need to be wasted, however. This winter garden project, from Julie Loven with The Effortless Girl, allows you to plant and grow fresh herbs or vegetables all year round from

3 Rules of Organic Lawn Care

by Ronald A. Rowe
Don’t be deceived into thinking that chemical treatments are necessary to maintain a beautiful lawn.  Despite the advertising dollars spent by the lawn care companies to convince you otherwise, the truth is that some of the old ways, the organic ways, are the best when it comes to caring for your lawn.  You do not need harmful chemical treatments