Cold Weather Landscaping Ideas

by Heather Duchan | November 23rd, 2011 | Landscaping

Evergreens have long been used to liven up a late fall or winter landscape. Although these trees, like the Colorado Spruce and the Serbian Spruce, are a perfect starting point for cold weather landscaping, there are many other options for home owners who are interested in an attractive yard year round. Nearly any plant or structure that has height and texture will add visual insterest during winter, especially when snow is on the ground.

Here are four ideas to get your landscaping creative juices flowing:

1. Ornamental Grasses
These plants provide a nice addition to a yard any time of the year, but winter is a time they can really stand out. Ornamental grasses, such as Bottlebrush Grass and Big Bluestem, provide texture and color that contrasts well with winter snow and adds new dimensions to landscapes that may otherwise be lacking during colder months.

2. Berry Trees and Bushes 
Berry trees and bushes are another way to add color and variety to a cold weather landscape. The fruit will attract and feed birds during winter months. In addition, snow is highlighted when caught in the textured branches of many of these plants, including holly and bayberry.

3. Structures and Ornaments
Beyond winter plants, there are a plethora of items that can be added to a yard to add visual drama and beauty while most garden plants are dormant. Hardscapes, like gazebos or arches, are one idea. Statues, bird baths, retaining walls, or benches are other possible additions to your yard that will add some oomph to it all year long.

4. Outdoor Lighting
A well-placed outdoor lighting fixture can enliven even a bare yard on a dark, winter night. If the yard has other landscaping elements, it will look even better. Simple lights lining a path, or a lantern hung from a pole, are two ways to brighten a yard during colder weather.

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