Using Vinegar on Your Lawn and Garden

by Patti | June 2nd, 2009 | Gardening

picWhite vinegar is a cheap cleaner that is friendly to the environment and can be used for a variety of tasks in your lawn and garden. For example, when watering your azaleas, add a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water and then watch your flowers get brighter and more beautiful!

Improve the acidity of your soil with vinegar by adding it to the water you use to hydrate your gardenias, rhododendrons and your azaleas, as mentioned above.

Weeds anywhere on your lawn, in your garden or on your path do not have to be a problem thanks to vinegar. Forget weed killers filled with pesticides and a myriad of harmful chemicals. Simply spray vinegar on the weeds and say goodbye to them!

Spray the weeds on a dry day but make sure the weeds get hit with the vinegar, not your lawn or any of your plants. If you get vinegar on anything else it is likely to kill that, too. The spot where your weeds grew will turn brown after you spray it, but in time it will return to normal and be blessedly weedless! (Please note- in order to strengthen the work of the vinegar you may wish to add a little bit of orange oil extract to the solution).

Are ants ruining your plants, your picnics and your enjoyment of your yard? If yes, then it is time to get rid of them. Ants do not like vinegar at all. Mix one part vinegar to one part dish soap and two parts water and then spray it on the ant hills that you find throughout your lawn and garden. This should kill most of the ants. The ones left standing will move elsewhere. Hopefully it is far away from your property! You may have to spray the ant hills a couple of time before all activity ceases. The vinegar will leave behind a residue that the ants will not appreciate and therefore will not return.

If garden lime is excessive then neutralize it by spraying vinegar in applicable areas.  After working with garden lime, wash your hands with vinegar to prevent roughness and flaking.

If your clay and plastic flowerpots are stained, then fill a tub of water or your kitchen sink and clean them thoroughly with cold water and plain vinegar. Use two parts water to one part vinegar.

  1. John Pincombe says:

    I have some baboo in the yard from the neibors I will be trying it on them.

  2. Lydia Panelo says:

    Thanks very useful , will try this summer for ants & my azaleas. Will this work on caterpillar that eats up all the leaves of my azaleas? Help !

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